a day at the park(s)


Most of last week was hot and icky humid so we were all happy that Saturday was so beautiful.  Definitely warm but not humid at all.  My Dad brought the Amphicar so we headed to Olin Park to launch it.  We brought along a picnic lunch and planned on eating and going for a swim after our ride. 

YUCK!  Olin Park has a (legitimately) bad rap for one reason but here is another:  goose poop!  It was everywhere and we just couldn't stand it.  After the awesome Amphi rides we drove over to Tenney Park and stayed there for the rest of the afternoon.  If you haven't been to Tenney, I really recommend it.  It is clean, lifeguarded, has nice bathrooms, shade and the cool Tenney Lock to wander over and look at.  We met Zoe there for the Art Cart one day and have been back 4 or 5 times since then. 


I need another cup of coffee now.

I am so thankful for our A/C.



  1. I love all the pics but my favorite two are the ones with your sweet sister in them. Baby Nicholas sitting on her belly and then the one with Ruby resting her head on a comfy shoulder. You capture such cute moments Stephanie :)


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