fair enough

number of dollars spent:

10 - admission to fair
13 - ride tickets
 5 - cotton candy
 9 - tropical snos
10 - inflatable dolphins
16 - dinner at Culvers on way home because there was no way I was gonna cook dinner after that

number of minutes spent on:

15 - rides
10 - trying to convince me to let him play all the games (James)
15 - crying (Ruby)
15 - crying (Nicholas)
2 - crying (mom)  (not really)
60 - sleeping (Nicholas)
15 - climbing on Army vehicles (free)
10 - eating tropical snos
 4 - listening to tropical sno woman tell me about mold spotted in competitors syrup
0 - seeing the animals (my favorite part)


number of skinned knees - 2
number of bandaids available - 1
number of rides Ruby went on - 1
number of rides Ruby enjoyed - 0
number of times I nursed in front of carnies - 1
number of carnies who seemed a little too interested -2
number of interested carnies who were male - 1
number of minutes spent with friends we met there - 5
number of tropical snos I wanted - 14
number of tropical snos I got - 1
number of questions James asked the Army guy - 400
number he answered graciously - 400
number of degrees temp was at home - 85
number of degrees temp was at fair - 105 (felt like)
number of minutes spent worrying baby had heat stroke - 12
number of babies who actually had heat stroke - 0


I was a bit concerned at first but that is how these things go.  We started out with Nicholas crying, Ruby whining and James trying to work the game tables.  After about 15 minutes and $400 we settled in and had a nice remaining one hour and 45 minutes at the fair.

No really.  We did.


I am calling it a success because Ruby and I had *some* fun, James had a lot of fun, Nicholas didn't die and I didn't lose my cool, even once.

I love the fair and am already worried about looking forward to next year.



  1. We were there last night! Too bad ruby didn't like the rides:(


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