a full circle (and heart)

(Ruby, keeper of the mallows)

We had Natalie spend the night last Saturday and it was so much fun.  Her and her family are moving away from us so it was the last time (probably) that James would get to hang out with her.  They have been hanging out their whole lives so this makes us all a little sad.


(James & Natalie - 6 months or so)

Maybe I will write more about this another day.  It does make me sad and I have tons of good memories and cute pictures of the two of them together.

Anyways, we all had fun.  They played for hours in a fort Patrick helped them build then moved onto Legos, playing house and finally outside where Patrick sprayed them with the hose.  We had dinner, a fire and roasted marshmallows.  

Nicholas went to bed and the big kids took turns amazing us with their tricks on the swing set.  

Once the mosquitoes came out I took them in for bed and Patrick poured himself a beer and sat by the fire while it burned down.  James & Natalie wanted to share the top bunk while Ruby seemed happy enough to bunk in our room. 

The big kid talk turned to ghosts, as it tends to do, and James came into our room for some reassurance.  He finally settled into Ruby's empty bed but snuck back into our bed sometime during the night.  Natalie woke up alone but said she just played Legos until James woke up and came to find her.  :)

They played all day on Sunday (mostly Nintendo) until we sent Patrick off and met Kate (Natalie's mom) at the spray park.  

It was such a good weekend and yet it felt a bit surreal to Patrick and I...one of those times that it feels like you are pretending to be the grown ups even though you really are.  Do you know what I mean?  It doesn't seem like *that* long ago that I was the one having friends over to spend the night.  wow.

I am so thankful for this family I have and this life we are living together.



  1. We will all miss that family... sad to see them go.

    I know what you mean about the grown ups thing. When did that happen????? (I know sometime between THAT night and 9 months later when he was born right???:)


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