it's (not) a hard knock life

for them.

We had a patio poured the week before my family arrived. They finished the
Friday of July 4th weekend, just like they said they would. (Hottman Construction in Madison)

We love it.

We changed our layout the night before they were to start but it was no problem and we like it so much better than our original plan.

I have wanted a deck or patio for the last 5 years and feel so lucky to have one now. It was just like I imagined having everyone out there with us for meals all weekend. (except Thomas & Erin...we missed you two!) And this patio is pretty high so it feels like a deck, kind of. Patrick wants to build flower boxes all the way around but that might wait until next year...we'll see. I am happy with it just as it is for now.

(except for the stupid mosquitoes of course. those Off lanterns don't work like they say. anyone have some good skeeter advice? do cintronella candles work??)

Yesterday I made my kids go out to play for an hour and they acted like I was torturing them.  They got into a groove after a while and I went out later with ice cream cones.  We all sat on the swing (free from a friend who's moving...we just need new cushions) and read National Geographic Kids (thanks Seester!  that is a great magazine) for an hour.  It felt SO good and gave me that little happy feeling inside.

Patrick convinced me that the little stool was fine as is and now I will have to agree.  I am going to finish taking the old linoleum off of the top and seal it but will leave the rusty old green paint alone.



  1. We had a nice patio poured when we lived in Vegas and it made a world of difference in our enjoyment of our backyard, so I totally understand! Looks great!


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