james & nicholas

James is so in love with his baby brother.  My favorite examples of this:

He is constantly asking me why Nicholas is so cute.

The first time he saw that little movie of Nicholas nursing he watched 5 times and then asked if he could go wake him up because he missed him.

He can make him giggle easier than I can.

He is worried that he will cry when Nicholas gets his shots today.  I told him I probably will too so he won't be alone.  (we postponed his 2 mo. visit due to finally closing on our refinance)

One morning I was nursing Nicholas and James came in.  The whole house was quiet as James stood beside the rocker and watched.  Nicholas spotted him and started smiling right at him.  James smiled back for a while and then asked me, "Mom, why does that make me feel like crying."

oh, my heart.

I explained that I feel that way about all of them all. the. time.



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