a list, to catch up

In no particular order:

James lost his first tooth and the fairy came.

The next morning, upon finding no cash under her pillow, Ruby said she wanted to throw a rock at that fairy.

Had talk about throwing rocks at people and/or fairies.

Read The Passage by Justin Cronin.  Loved it.  Inhaled it.  Needed that.


I guess there is more but those are the basics.  I spent hours this weekend reading and marveling over Nicholas.  He is an awesome baby but more that that, I am just so flipping thankful that I (we) are having the opportunity to care for another new life.  Babies are amazing and just about the sweetest thing in the world, I think.  A straight gift from God.  And yes, I am a little over the moon about him.  Last night Patrick asked me if I liked the way Nicholas smells.  Um, do you like the way he smells, I asked him back.  Yeah, he said, he smells good.

Right now the little gift from God is crabbing at me so I should wrap this up.  I didn't say he wasn't ever annoying.  ;)



  1. I love him too! I love all of your babies!! xoxo Seester


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