morning edition

I slept better last night than I have all week. 

I didn't realize I wasn't sleeping well until I woke up this morning and felt so rested.

Patrick is home.  (cue loud, dramatic chorus of angels singing)

I just got a phone call that threw me off of my mojo this morning. 

My neighbor's sister does hair and I had asked if she would do mine sometime.  My neighbor just called and said her sister was going to do hers tonight, could I come over?  The sister is coming at 6, Patrick doesn't get home until 6:45 and Nicholas usually goes to bed almost immediately after that.  After that I have plans to go to Kohl's for another one of their BIG HUGE SALES that they have almost weekly and I'm kinda excited.  So instead of just saying thanks, but no thanks, I start explaining all the reasons I can't and they all just sound stupid as I say them and I get the sense that my neighbor thinks I am being rude as her sister is trying to do me a favor.  (would not be a free haircut, not that much of a favor.  also - she is really good but I think making an appt. at her shop would be the best idea)  So.  bummer, right?  Do you easily shake off these little moments of uncomfortable-ness or do they stay with you?  Why is it so hard to say no???

Our friends are coming over and for that I am happy.  We have swimming in 23 minutes and the baby is sleeping and I still need to get dressed.  Will we make it???



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