rainy day

This morning I told Patrick we were out of to-go coffee cups and he threw himself down on the kitchen floor and started yelling and kicking his feet.

I love him.

We decided we should both start acting like our children more often.

In other news, it's RAINING.  I love it.  What a nice change from that wretched sunshine day after day after day.  :)  I'm kidding (mostly) but we needed the rain and it is a very nice change. 

James' new tooth is coming in fast and big.  It's so cute.

I feel like sewing something.  Something with ruffles.  I think it's her fault.

This morning she described her 4 month old daughter's smiles as "full body smiles."  Love that.

I always like reading about how & what Maggie packs for her adventures.

I have happily lost 2 more pounds in the last 2 weeks.  It's funny how such a small amount can allow me to wear at least 4 more pairs of shorts/pants.  I stopped doing WW almost as soon as I started a while back.  It was too much for me...all the keeping track and stuff.  I decided I would start like I did 2 years ago and just start exercising again.  I love exercising and it loves me back.  Loving my body a little more (the result of feeling it stretch and strengthen...I'm starting with yoga) will encourage me to eat better and I know I will slowly lose weight again.  I'll probably try WW again in the future as it worked really well when I was ready for it.  It feels good to have a few more options for these last weeks of summer.  Of course, soon fall will come and fall means...dum, dum, dum...


Heaven help me.

Here are a couple pictures so this post doesn't feel so naked:

Oh yeah, one more thing...

J:  ugh.
S:  what's wrong?
J:  will someone please get that dead butterfly off the kitchen table?  every time I walk by it it makes me feel sick.



  1. fall also means crockpot cooking and fun size candy bars ... my jeans don't stand a chance! must get back to exetcise class, must get back to exercise class, must get back to exercise class ...

  2. Love you!! Make a shirt! I have gained 6lbbs since the 4th--can;t tell why really, as I have been running and being pretty good--I almost feel like blaming it on the humidity!! (Might have something to do my n=my new ice cream maker.) AND YAY for Fall--my favorite season!


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