so far, so good

(If I stop suddenly it's because Nicholas reached the end of his tiny rope.  Ruby is babysitting him right now but I think he's getting tired.)

We are having a good week so far.  Yesterday both kids got haircuts and we picked out all of James' school supplies at Target.  They swam in our pool in the afternoon and hung out with the neighbors all evening.  They are taking turns sleeping in my bed (while one sleeps on the cot) and have been falling asleep quickly. 

Today we met Teresa and her sweet boys at Tenney park and had a really nice time.  We passed the hottest afternoon of the week sitting in the shade with a lake breeze.  Works for me!  I wish I would have taken some pictures but was too busy relaxing.  :)  Ruby & Nicholas passed out as soon as we left so James and I were the only ones to enjoy a little treat from Starbucks on the drive home.  (caramel soy machiatto for me and a soy chocolate milk for him)

Tomorrow I have the sitter from 11-4 and am really looking forward to it.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do (with my little buddy) but I bet a thrift store will be on the agenda.  Patrick is home Thursday afternoon and Kari & her boys are coming on Friday.  Saturday morning we will leave for 9 days in Duluth.  (a staycation of sorts)  whew!

Now Nicholas is fussing.  over and out.  .

OH, 2 funny bumper stickers I saw today:

I'm an ELKaholic (with a picture of 2 big Elk) and Jesus loves you but I am his favorite.

:)  xoxoox


  1. yeah...a staycation in Duluth! My mom really wants to see you guys so I will try to get her to come up the Fri or Sat @ the end of the first week of Aug. What works for you?


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