This photo was taken the week before last.  Yesterday he ran and jumped off the diving board.  It was pretty cute.  (with a life jacket)

He still needs to pass level one but his comfort level is so much better this year.


I am crabby, there is no denying it.

Maybe it's the heat?  Or that I don't think I should have Nicholas out in it for more than a half an hour?

Maybe it's a certain girl (not Ruby) who won't get off my patio swing.  (like, ever.)

Maybe I really want school to start some days and feel guilty about that.  (it's not particularly james or ruby...it's james AND ruby)

Maybe I'm having a hard time letting go of some hurt feelings.

Maybe I wish my husband got home before 6:45 at night.

Maybe I feel so sad for all of those who are unemployed and always worry a bit what we would do if he ever lost his job and then I want him to stay as late as it takes.

Maybe I miss my family.

Maybe I need to run and jump off the diving board.



  1. I'm right there with you, sister, on so many of these things. You're right - a jump of the diving board probably is JUST what we need.

  2. Steph!!! Hang in there--August is almost here. Your outlook will change tomorrow. And kick that baby girl's butt off that swing!

    OH, and BTW we were at a pool party over the 4th weekend and after I had put sunscreen on James I turned to put it on Ella and then heard SPLAH. James had jumped into a strangers pool. Yeah, 4yrs old and can't swim. All was good (after I jumped in after him) but DANG I wish he had had a life vest on!

  3. Hey Steph. I hope you are feeling better. Just got caught up on your blog. A jump off a diving board sounds heavenly. And there have been days I wished the boys were in school because of the whole together thing and screaming thing and fighting thing. Love ya!


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