we're so not making swimming

Today is fun day, anyways.  James has plenty of fun in his life.  :)

This is what came to me while I was making my bagel:

People don't like when you tell them no.  My neighbor thought her sister was offering a nice thing, which she was, so of course she would try to make it work or maybe, unconsciously, make me feel a little sorry for saying no.

Do I do this to people?  I'm sure I must.  I'm going to try and be more aware of this.  If someone tells me no, I'm going to try and just say, "Okay."

You know who tells me no sometimes and it really ticks me off? 


Yeah, mothers aren't supposed to say no.

(Oh, wait.  I am a mother and I definitely tell my kids no.  ;) )

Even though it ticks me off I usually admire her for it at the same time.  And she tells me yes way more so that helps, too.

So, this is how my brain chews on the little things of life until I can accept them and let them go.

carry on with your Fridays.



  1. I read back to your previous post and then.I.got.it.

    Yeah--totally, happens to me all the time. This has been my summer of "uncommittment" and it has wrankled a few folks. But it has been a great policy for us.

    Oh, and maybe you'll have another great night of sleep tonight!!


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