yo, MOnday! what's up?

Patrick left yesterday.  He'll be gone until Thursday.

Pray for me.


I think we'll be fine.  I've got a good action plan and am planning on going easy on all of us...this includes a baby sitter on Wednesday afternoon so I can have a little talk-free time.

We had a really good weekend which included James' first sleepover!  His buddy Natalie slept over here and they had a really good time.  I have some more pictures to put up later.

Right now I have to get us moving.  I decided to sit through one more session of swim lessons in hopes that James will pass and be able to start next year at Level 2.  He has passed all level one skills except for the back float. 

Okay, Ruby is HOWLING because I won't let her have chips.  What was I saying up there???  Should I just let her have the chips at 9:35AM to shut her up?  I think not but it is tempting.  (I think she senses weakness.)

So anyways.  We now have lessons at 10:30 so it is a change over the last 6 weeks of 12:30.  That helps, a little.

Now Nicholas needs me.



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