15 years ago this month

This is me with my Dad on my wedding day nearly 15 years ago.  (our anniversary is on the 26th)

Do I look a little excited or what?


I know I should save this mushy stuff for our anniversary but the mood struck tonight, probably because he's gone and because he looked so darn cute when he left this morning.

I am still amazed that I happened (I use that term loosely, I know God had a hand in our meeting) to find someone that I enjoy living with and being around every day as much as I do him.

Crazy good stuff.  Love that.



  1. awww ... you do look very excited. And very pretty :)
    Congrats on your anniversary.

  2. Thanks Susan. :) I look like I'm about to eat him, not marry him. hehe.

  3. Maybe you'll have a new nephew to share that day!
    (not to take away from your special day, but to add to it)


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