the boot

A week ago Monday, our first day home from Duluth, I asked Patrick to rip apart our old entertainment center and put the TV downstairs.  He did it!  The mythical lower level is still not done but I was going to lose my mind if I had to deal with the tv questions all day, every day for another 3 weeks.  (if we were home, they wanted it on.)  I was so sick of it being smack dab in the middle of our living room and lives, really.  (it was where the couch covered in laundry was.)  (please excuse the laundry but do take a moment to notice how nicely it is folded and displayed on said couch.)

Anyways, I love having the tv out of here.  I've missed it maybe twice and the kids only missed it the first day.  Nobody really wants to be down their alone to watch so they are watching a lot less tv.  (and when they do watch it is really a break for me, which I love.)  This main level, where I spend most of my day, is so much calmer.

Now I want to paint in here so bad it almost itches.  I'm going to wait until we are nicely settled into our new fall routine before I start anything.  It will be a big job.


I have a babysitter today!  Hooray!  She's coming in an hour.  uh oh.

We had another good day yesterday even though I was kind of down all day.  (really missing Patrick along with the whole rolling over drama.  funny how that made me so sad.)  We had dinner at a park last night (with birthday cake!) with friends and that was a really good way to end the day.  There was a little chill in the air and we all had sweatshirts on.  bliss.



  1. We are taking the tv out of our bedroom this weekend--we NEVER watch it and always read before bed, so why have it? I do lean on the tv in the living room more than I'd like to when I am (ahem) sewing--but hopefully it won;t warp their minds too too much. :-)

  2. I envy you. Sometimes I want to put the tv downstairs. Then I think no one will use the living room. Then on other days I want the tv gone, gone, gone. I'm conflicted regarding tv!


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