canal park & the lakewalk

These pictures are from our first day in Duluth.  James is only in the first one because after Canal Park (and lunch at Amazing Grace) we walked over the lift bridge and Patrick took the kids to the beach while I nursed Nicholas.  Something transpired and soon Patrick was informing me that James would be going home for the rest of the day.  Patrick took them back to the beach later in the week so he didn't totally miss out.

My mom and I had a really nice day with Ruby & Nicholas. 

(after wiping Nicholas all over Ruby sighed and said, "Babies are a lot of work.")
I hear ya, Ruby.  :)



  1. love that picture of you and the kids! Oh and the one of Nicholas under the laundry basket . . trapped! :)

  2. you wear all of your children well. That Patrick is one smart guy, letting you know about his trip AFTER your vacation. yup, very smart!


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