dairy free ice box cake

I made a little discovery last weekend.  In the cool whip section (at Woodman's, if you're local) they had a little carton of Rich Whip.  I picked it up and it appeared to be dairy free so I bought a few of them (they are a dollar and some change for an 8 ounce carton).  I googled them when I got home and I was not mistaken, it's dairy free!  The ingredients are nothing to brag about which might explain why I've never heard of it on all the vegan/food allergy blogs I read??  Anyways, it's basically fake, like cool whip, but I'm glad I know it's there.  There are lots of summery desserts that I think we can try in the future using this stuff. 

We needed a little pick me up after Patrick left on Sunday morning so I told the kids we'd make some whip cream.  I did chill the beaters, but not the bowl, and this stuff whipped up beautifully.  I added a little vanilla and it was just barely sweet and pretty tasty.  The day I bought the Rich Whip I also got those chocolate wafers pictured above (also dairy, egg & peanut free)...the classic icebox cake recipe is on the back of the box.

I whipped up two cartons, enough for one long cake roll, but decided to just make a half of one to start with.  The kids loved it and we made the other half to take to the park on Tuesday night so James could have some "cake" too. 

I'm always happy to find something else he can have.  It's good to have another easy option for the times I don't want to make another crazy cake.  :)

One thing you should know...black sprinkles quickly melt into the whipped topping and look like mold.  Might be nice at Halloween???  Good thing kids don't care about stuff like that.



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