it's 20 past 9

and my kids (the oldest 2) are still up.  Ruby just came down to tell me she loves me (again) and James was right on her heels needing just one more Lego piece.

I don't even mind.  We had a really good day.

First of all, the weather here is gorgeous.  Gorgeous!  Ruby and I sat out on the patio all morning drinking coffee and watching each other do tricks.  (Ruby can run really fast and hop on one foot.  I can cross my eyes and jump pretty far.)  After that we met some friends at the park and had such a nice time.  The big kids played outside all evening, not coming in until 8:00pm.  By that time I was half way through Bachelor Pad so they just had to finish it with me.  (I jumped to another channel if something looked to sleazy for them.)  James said he thought Craig would go home.  :) 

I have lots more I'd like to say but I just, all of a sudden, lost my energy.  I think I hear someone hollering for me.  I think it's my bed. 

Sweet dreams.  xoxoox


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