a list, of course

some of the things I loved about vacation in no particular order:

  • reading in the van next to Patrick and a 44 ounce soft drink
  • lunch at Amazing Grace's with Patrick, the kids and a light sprinkling of rain
  • lakewalk with my mom & Ruby (and Leif Erickson & the rose garden)
  • tasting the Portland Malt Shop malt my mom & Ruby shared
  • only cooking once - a pot of noodles
  • being fed by others 
  • hot dogs on the grill
  • bbq with Thomas & Erin
  • seeing Thomas & Erin's new land/house
  • sleeping over at Dad's
  • watching the boys on the 4 wheeler (Patrick was happier than James)
  • just LOVING all the trees and smell of the woods at my Dad's and Split Rock
  • watching the hummingbirds on the deck
  • Split Rock Lighthouse (aside from the fecking black flies)
  • my new hoodie, even though it's too big
  • coffee with Kristy & Rachel
  • watching Kristy hold a sleeping pickles (that's Nicholas)
  • Kristy calling and offering to watch James and Ruby so Patrick and I could have some quiet time (she offered to watch pickles too but I don't have any milk for him)
  • my mom making us bacon, egg, tomato and cheese sandwiches
  • sitting on my mom's back porch
  • going to the bookstore in the rain
  • seeing Lee and watching her also hold a sleeping pickles
  • spending the morning with Jolee & her boys at their cozy home (and having her share her fresh picked blueberries with us!)
  • playfront park & bayfront park (why doesn't anyone go to bayfront??  it is gorgeous there and was totally empty.)
  • meeting my mom at Saver's on Wednesday night (double coupons!) and having her get Nicholas to sleep so we could shop longer
  • that Nicholas slept so often and so well
  • stopping at Starbuck's on the way to and from my dad's house
  • that Patrick took the big kids to Park Point
  • watching Ruby play some tank game on the Wii
  • BW3 with Thomas & Erin
 I'm sure I'm forgetting something.  If it involves you, please forgive me.

We had such a nice time.  Oh!  One other thing:  hearing Patrick scold Nicholas on the way home.  Hearing someone say, "Pickles!" in a stern voice is pretty funny.  :)

I will hopefully have some pictures tomorrow.

Happy ONE YEAR Anniversary to Andrea & Ronan!!  (yesterday)

Welcome sweet Samuel to our family!  (3 wks early...please pray that he continues to do well)



  1. so glad you had a great vacation. Welcome back to reality. :) Enzo loves that tank WII game too. It's hilarious to watch.


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