It's funny how I was so worried about James at the beginning of the summer.  Turns out he just needed a couple of days to adjust to the school year ending and his entire world being turned upside down.  huh.  It's been a good summer for he and I...good to have so much time together.  I am really going to miss him this year even though I will appreciate my daytime responsibilities being reduced by 1/3.

I know this is horrible to say but maybe you'll understand.  If I could pick which child to send away from me for the whole day...right now it would be Ruby.  Good Lord, she is a pain in the butt.  I know her, though, and know she will be a much easier companion once she is getting more attention again.  Her little world got shaken up, too.  And she is a four year old girl.  'Nuff said.

My mom is here until tomorrow when she will fly out to be with my sister and her new little family for the month of September.  Andrea has committed herself to finishing RN school this year and she starts, um, next week.  My mom gets to be there to help her out through this huge transition and I think that all of them are so lucky that it worked out.  I am jealous, of course, but am already planning when I can go for the weekend.  (with my pickle in tow)

My mom is refolding the clothes I folded yesterday.


p.s.  thank you for the congratulations for my sister and the other comments lately.  I adore every one but have been kind of hit or miss about responding.  Maybe it will get easier next week?  (preschool starts..ahhhhhh.)


  1. Love the photo, so sweet. I am sure that Ruby will get better when James is back at school.... that I what I am hoping about Ada so it HAS to be true right? :)


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