mostly about mr. pickles but a little whining

I came down here at 6:30 to make some coffee and read for a while and, of course, Ruby woke up 10 minutes later.

I hate it when that happens.

I just sent her upstairs for being annoying (already!).  She got her first zhu-zhu pet yesterday (blame it on the heat) and she can't find it and won't SHUT UP about it. (I did already help her look.)

heavy, woe-is-me-type sigh.

I didn't come here to complain.  I came here to write a little snippet about mr. pickles so that's what I will do.

I love this baby.  I've loved all of my babies, sickeningly so, but with each one I think I've loved their baby-ness a little bit more.  They don't talk!  They stare at you with nothing but love!  They don't talk!

Nicholas is just such a perfect little bundle of baby.  He is so good natured but when he gets crabby he lets you know it and I love his little crabby self.  He scowls and grumbles and gets generally cantankerous but doesn't bust out the screams unless he is ignored for a long time.  (so you can imagine how that almost never happens with a mother like me around.  HAHAHAHAHA)  I love his scowls.  He is a bossy little

(update:  she found the flipping zhu zhu pet!!!)

nurser.  He pushes and grabs at my breast like he is in charge of the whole business.  He'll look at me out of the corner of his eye while he's eating and if I am doing something else (like sleeping) he will pop off and look at me until I look back.  Then he smiles.  He will also stop nursing to follow a conversation I am having with one of the other kids or if he hears a scream or a thud downstairs.  I just smile at him and say, "It's okay" and he smiles back and continues eating.

I've gotten a lot of his cradle cap off so his head looks much better.  He does still seem sensitive to dairy but, and I'm just guessing here, probably not allergic.  He doesn't get rashes or anything...just spits up and gets gassy if I have too much of it.

I have to wrap this up because I am starving and a fresh cup of coffee is waiting for me.  The zhu zhu pet is also in the kitchen now and I might accidentally step on it if I don't get some food in me.



  1. You are taking me back to my nursing days! Isn't it the cutest thing when they stop nursing when they hear something? That picture. He looks like he's thinking "hey ladies!" Enjoy!

  2. My kids totally know when I'm up. I get so frustrated that they don't sleep in. But maybe if I didn't sleep in, I'd have some more time to myself to wake up and have a little coffee before starting my day. On the days I work, I practically have to drag them out of bed ..... kicking and screaming no less. Usually them but sometimes me. hahahaha ;)

  3. I love the "they don't talk" part. When Elijah was little all I wanted was for him to tell me what he wanted.... now all I want is for him to not tell me EVERYTHING he wants:)

  4. Oh and kick the zhu zhu pet to the curb:)


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