oh my God, I am in love

Here he is, little Jacob Asher. 

Looking just like he should look even though I didn't know that until I saw him.  Do you know how that is?  He is a perfect mix of my seester & her husband.

I love him.



  1. He is beautiful!!! So perfect :) I love the dimple in his chin. Congrats to your whole family and way to go to your sister and her hubby for making a handsome new person for this world to enjoy.

  2. He does not even look like a newborn, but he does look super CUTE!!! Congrats again to all of you guys.

  3. welcome Jacob...you are beautiful. I can't wait to kiss you. Congratulations Staffs! You make adorable children.
    Auntie Sarah

  4. Very sweet. Congrats to you and your seester!

  5. He looks perfect. He is lucky to be a part of such a loving family. I'm happy for all of you! :)

  6. Congrats to Andrea!! We are finally getting some good internet. I can't believe how big Mr. Pickles is. He is CUTE! Love to all of you-


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