oh that mr. pickles

Dear Mr. Pickles,

That is not how you are supposed to use a sleep positioner.


The Mgmt.


As you can see, we are still dealing with the rolling over business.  Right now he is up there, on his tummy, grumbling and muttering under his breath about me.  I am leaving him there to work this out for once and for all.  He is obviously past the point of those little foam pieces being of any good use.  I hope he falls asleep sooner than later.  He can, for the record, roll both ways now...he just needs to put 2 and 2 together.  (this is killing James, he is begging me to let him go and flip him over.  All he has heard for the last 4 months is NO SLEEPING ON HIS TUMMY and now we're all, GO TO SLEEP ON YOUR TUMMY FOR PETE'S SAKE.)

I have so many little things I want to mention so I don't forget them in the future.  (like this afternoon)

  • Ruby asks me to snip her doll's shirt for her (snap it) and got her pillow-sheet (pillow case) off of her pillow for me this morning.  I will miss these little things when they end...so cute, Miss Harper.
  • Patrick got home safely on Saturday morning.  We were all thrilled to have him home but there was an adjustment period.  I mean I had just gotten everything running just the way I like it and then he shows up!  :)  One big thing:  I normally wake up hot every night and curse Patrick for either turning down the A/C or opening the windows. (hello, humidity is SUPER HIGH in the middle of the night.)  This was blissfully a non-issue while he was gone and I loved it.  I got a fan yesterday to blow directly on me all night.  Happy fan!!!  No more middle of the night hating my husband!  All this peace and love for only $12.99.  Sure, it's a little loud, so loud we now call our room "the hive," but at least I'm not hot.
  • I am losing GOBS of hair.  Don't invite me over right now.  Seriously.
  • My sister's baby is due in six days.  SIX DAYS!!!!  Did you hear that, baby?  Come on out!!  
  • James will now be getting a weekly allowance of $2.  This is non-chore related as I feel like chores are just a part of living in this house together.  He will however be getting an additional $3 every time he gets 15 stars on his chart.  He earns a star by not complaining about doing his chores.  See how this works?  Two dimes for keeping his little mouth shut and emptying the dishwasher?  A bargain, in my opinion.  What do you do with allowances/chores?  This is our first foray into this world so any advice would be appreciated.
  • Our dryer broke while Patrick was gone (after 15 years...it was a wedding gift) and I can't say I'm too sad about it.  I do want to put off getting a new set (the washer still works well) for a while and am line drying all of our laundry now.  I think I can do this for a couple of months as we have lots of lines in our basement as well as outside.  We'll see.
  • I started reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest and almost put it down.  The beginning is kind of boring.  I'm glad I gave it another 30 pages or so because it got REALLY good.  I read The Girl Who Played with Fire during my induction with Nicholas and through his first week here at home with us.  I will always have really fond memories of sitting up in our bedroom nursing the baby and reading in that perfect afternoon light.  (love.)
  • She writes so beautifully about what I am longing for right now.
My baby finally gave up and fell asleep on his tummy.  First time ever.

xoxo  Here's to a good week for us all.


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