I stand by my choice to not sign the kids up for any camps this summer...the running around would have really driven me crazy.


school starts three weeks from today and I honestly feel like I can't do this for three more weeks.  I am just so bored!  The kids aren't driving me that crazy (well, sometimes...) and thinking about James being gone all day again really makes me kind of sad.  I feel like the heat has really decreased our outside time and I miss that...a lot.  I am so sick of this house.  (but eternally grateful for the A/C that it has)

(I should mention that mr. pickles doesn't like the heat & humidity so much.  He gets fussy and hot and wants to sleep on me, who is also hot.  And then his nose gets little beads of sweat on it and I remember that babies can't really perspire like bigger people can and I feel guilty for having him outside.)

And then,

Patrick has to go BACK to New York next week.  From Sunday until SATURDAY.


So now I'm trying to decide if I want to send them to a 3 day camp at one of the bounce places.  It's reasonably priced (for a mother afraid of losing her marbles due to solo parenting during the final stretch of summer) but is on the far east side of Madison.  And then I think...3 days from 9:30-2:30?  I might kind of miss them.  But then I think...what an amazing break.  But then I think I should just get a sitter for one day again and make plans with friends as the weather looks really nice for next week.  Now that I type that, I think that's what I should do.

Anyone want to get together next week?  ;)

But still, Patrick gone again.  sigh.



  1. I sympathize on the husband gone all the time front, this year has been horrible for that here too.

    I say SEND THE BEASTS! They will have a blast. :-)

  2. Does he leave Sun the 15th or 22nd? Me and the kids are off the week of 23rd....we could meet up if it's that week. I went back to work Monday!!! I keep telling myself I only work part time I can do it :) We were all off again today. Carson is 10 1/2 weeks :)

  3. Sarah - I feel for you guys. Not easy to have your hubby gone right now. (not ever but esp. not now)

    Melissa - He is gone next week but we should talk about the following one. We could meet halfway, maybe?? I'd love to.

  4. We'll hang out, let's make a plan!


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