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On Tuesday morning we left bright and fairly early to meet Melissa and her kids.  Melissa is a dear friend of mine that I met when we moved to Eau Claire right after getting married 15 years ago.  (15 years ago today...holla!)  She is the kind of friend that I can meet at a children's museum (in LaCrosse) with our 5 kids after not having seen her for 4 years and it was like we had seen each other last week.

Let me back up a little, though.  As I was nearing the exit to LaCrosse that morning my phone rang.  My sister asked how I was and where exactly I was going and then calmly told me her water broke.  As in, SPLASH, her water broke!  Holy crap!  Now imagine my mind being split in two, one half in Massachusetts with her & Ronan and one half in LaCrosse with my dear friend and our 5 kids.  That is how it remained the rest of the day.  It was so fun to see Melissa and her sweet kids but my mind was racing with thoughts of my sister and her impending delivery the whole time.

We had a really fun day at the Children's Museum in LaCrosse and then headed to our very cool hotel to spend the night.  We successfully got 5 kids, a 3 monther, a 4 monther, and one of each 2, 4 and 6 year old-er, asleep in the same room by 10pm.  Astonishing.  Instead of staying up and whispering about our lives (like I wish we could have) we both fell asleep, too.

I think I slept for 10 minutes.  I was up for what felt like most of the night thinking and praying about my sister.  We got up (ha!) Wednesday morning and I took my 3 down to the pool for a little swim and then we packed up and were out of there by checkout time at 11:00am.  I had heard updates from my mom and had texted my sister but all I knew really was that she was still laboring.  I felt anxious, like I just wanted to get home.  Oh yeah, my Dad was scheduled for surgery at the Mayo Clinic on Wednesday, too.

We made awesome time getting home with Nicholas passed out the whole way.  As soon as we hit the Beltline I noticeably relaxed.  As soon as we hit our front door I melted into a virtual puddle of relaxation.  I was at my home base now and could wait comfortably until hearing news of my most beloved family members.  (and Patrick was very near to me, if needed.)

Throughout the afternoon my mom and I called each other when we heard anything.  I was hurting for my sister knowing full well how tired she must be by now.  By late afternoon my aunt called that my Dad was out of surgery and all had gone well.  I texted my brother and he replied back and made me laugh so hard.  (he is a funny one!)  An hour or so later my Mom called saying that little Jacob had finally arrived!!!  Praise God.  I got to talk to my sister a couple of hours later and after we hung up I immediately headed up to bed for the best night of sleep ever. 

Now I am again split...this time between Duluth and Massachusetts.  I wish I was up in Duluth so I could bring my Dad cookies and make dinner for him during his week of recovery.  I wish I was in Mass so I could hold that baby and help my sister with whatever she might need.  And give her the biggest hug.  She is a mother for the first time.  That is the most awesome thing ever. 

Oh Lord, I love my family.  We are so blessed to have each other.



  1. Glad your dad is doing well. I hope he stays on the healing path. CONGRATS to your sister and BIL!!!!!


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