4 years

It is the 4 year anniversary of Built to Last next month.

wow.  Ruby was about the age Nicholas is now when I started.


(note the hat)

James was 2.75 and my conversations with him usually went like this:

S: I will put them on your feet.
J: My will take them right off.
S: I will glue them and then tape them.
J: My will say, "Uh! My can't get them off."

Thank God for my blog.

Who would have ever thought??

This week will be a walk down memory lane.  Would you like to come along?

(wait.  don't answer that.)




  1. 4 years!!! Happy Blogoversary to you! Isn't it wonderful to go back and read all the little gems that you wrote down-- if you hadn't they might be lost forever! Congrats! ;-)


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