assbergs & skirtains

A long time ago, in a land far away, I sewed some simple curtains from a thrifted linen skirt.  Hmmmm, I thought, skirt + curtains = SKIRTAINS.   And so I present to you:  skirtains!

While my sister was visiting last summer we came to discuss how cold my butt gets and how it is the final frontier (so to speak, as it is in the back) in the warming up process of my body.  Patrick and I have always joked about my freezing cold bum but never given it a proper name.  Suddenly he said, "Eureka!  It's an assberg!"  How clever of him...and to think, it only took him 15 years to come up with it.  I know this winter he's going to be all, "ASSBERG, DEAD AHEAD!"  I'm really looking forward to that.

(Okay, he didn't really say Eureka.  And I'm not exactly sure how the conversation transpired but it probably went something like that.)


Now that we have our vocab out of the way, how are you doing?  I am tired.  Surprised?  Probably not.  Nicholas STILL has his cold, poor kid.  (And poor mama, I might add as this is my blog and mostly about me.)  He also hadn't pooped for 2 days and seemed miserable, squeaking out a forceful toot every hour or so.  I finally decided to go get him some pears & prunes for his first solids yesterday afternoon.  I packed us all up and headed to the grocery store at 5:15pm. 

Never go to the grocery store at 5:15pm if you can help it.

The place was packed with tired looking moms (like me) and wild half-starved children (like mine).  We did give each other sympathetic eye rolls over our charges heads, so that helped.  Anyways, I got the first fruits, paid, loaded them back up and got us home only to find...POOPIES!  Glorious poopies.  Apparently Sentry is Nicholas' Target??

So that was good.  He barely napped yesterday and it was exhausting.  He is upstairs sleeping right now, bless his snotty little heart.  Boy, did I need a few minutes to myself.

I am loving our weather.  LOVING it.  Although yesterday afternoon it was 78 degrees in my house.  I will forgive that minor indiscretion, September, if you don't let it happen again.  Thank you.  I baked my heart out last week, making two batches (for a total of 4 dozen) of these delicious muffins, some boring banana bread, and this delectable baked oatmeal.  Patrick, James & I loved the stuff.  I think it might be an every-other-weekend tradition.  We are giving James some baked egg along with baked dairy now.  In both of these recipes I used 1 egg and 1 banana and they worked perfectly.  We will eventually try 2 eggs but not until James is ready.  (he even ate a bit of melted cheese the other day!)  (but also got a legful of hives when Patrick spilled some milk on him so he is definitely still allergic to dairy.  BAKED is the key word for his tolerance.)

Here is a not very good picture of the oaty goodness:

I like to serve it in a shallow pool of warmed milk, fyi.

In other exciting news, I bought a trendy scarf!  I wore it out of Old Navy on Saturday and Patrick said, "Now you look like everyone else."  Exactly, dear husband.  Sometimes you just want to go with the herd, you know?  Especially when the herd looks really cute.  Now I just have to wear the darn thing...

Do you watch American Pickers.  Oh man, I love those guys.  They are so funny. 



  1. I love your skirtains!!! You are one crafty mama. I was so busy reading all of your news that I wisked my broc/cheese soup all over my stove. hahaha oops ;)
    Baby constipation sucks - so glad it's over.
    I love that scarf!
    I agree about the weather. So wonderful.
    I'm going to make that baked oatmeal with pecans and dried cherries. mmm sounds good.

  2. Thanks, Susan. I'm sorry your soup turned out yucky. I hate when that happens!!! (also sorry you had to clean your stove off.) :)

  3. as a proud member of the trendy scarf club, I say Welcome Aboard! I'm sure it looks darling on you!


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