bad bad bad

Do you ever feel bad about something?  That's kind of a stupid question...I mean feel bad about something just a little, like a low grade fever?  Last night I fell asleep feeling kinda bad about a couple things and it made me sad that I couldn't just let them go.  I remember starting to pray but then I fell asleep.  (thanks & sorry, God.)  This morning I can only remember one of those things:

Not being able to be a Tiger Cub leader this year.  So many boys signed up in our little town that they immediately sent out an email asking for a couple of Den leaders.  (I guess I should just be glad that there will be lots of young men willing to help me across the street in a few years.)

What was the other one??  I guess I should be thankful it's gone.

I put up a new header but I will say it is just a working header.  I'd like to refine it a little so we will see...


p.s.  Remember ADVANTIX cameras??  Oh, how my sister & I laughed about that "technology" this morning.  That and PAGERS had us rolling.  :)

p.s.s.  If you want ideas on how to tie a scarf on, watch this (scroll down a little).  She is very cute, no?


  1. I like the pg +sg on the tree. nice...

  2. unfortunately I have those "feel bad" moments way too often. Wish I could shake them quicker. Hope you've shaken yours.


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