I had to get that other picture of me a little farther down the page.  Here is a slightly less ridiculous one.  You can't tell but I have earrings on.  (fancy pants, I know.)  I was trying to take a picture of my hair but that is hard to do.  It is just angled from the back like 50% of all haircuts you see nowadays.  (again with the herd!)  Holly asked to see it, which was thoughtful of her.  She blogged yesterday about wearing cute flowers in her hair and if she looked silly or not.  Heck no, girl!  You look adorable and I want one.  They would fit right in with my plan to take over as an accessory evil genius.  mwah ha ha.  Go visit her and tell her how cute she looks.  Holly always rocks the cute accessories. 

I am sick today, as I was yesterday, but not quite as much so.  There is a whole funny story about me getting over one attitude hurdle on Sunday afternoon only to get slapped in the face with another one Monday morning.  I struggled through (and it was not gracious or pretty, I'm sad to say) and made it to a new day.  I think my body was hanging on for me because within 5 minutes of Patrick getting home last night I was in bed shivering.  It took a hot shower, double socks, a foot massage, ibuprofen and hot tea to get me to warm up.  Then I started sweating.  You know the drill, right?  Today I am merely sick and not miserable and feel so grateful for that.

We just got home from Nicholas' doctor appt.  He is in the 50th percentile for weight and the 85th for height.  He is a tall boy, my little pickles.  Now Ruby and her friend are here and I'm going to feed them frozen pizza from Quik Trip for lunch.

Mother of the year.



  1. your hair looks adorable, AND you look so skinny! I can tell you lost weight! Kiss that pickles for me?

  2. Hope you are feeling better!!!

  3. I second Heidi's comment. I said out loud," She's getting sooo skinny". You look good (even if you were feeling sick)

  4. Dudes. Thank you but I am really not getting that skinny. It must just be a good picture. :)


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