dinner shminner

I just know my kids are all going to be drug addicts because family dinners at this house?  A thing of the past.

Nicholas is a peach of a baby.  That being said, he is at his neediest every afternoon.  He wants to be held or nursed from basically 4:30 on.  He is tired and cranky but won't nap and I struggle to keep him up until Patrick gets home at 6:30 most nights.  He does love to be outside so we walk or sit on the patio a lot but that doesn't really get the kids fed, does it?  So, we make do.  Sometimes even James and Ruby eat at different times.  sigh.

I am trying not to lose too much sleep over this but it's hard as I am a mother and pre-programmed for guilt.  Getting dinner ready in the morning helps but even heating it up some days is a challenge.  Isn't that crazy? 

I know this will get easier as he gets older and can sit in his high chair with finger foods, etc.  He seems too crabby to even eat but I am going to make more of an effort to give that a try.  Even him staying up a little later will help.  (did I just say that?)

(This is a total brain dump so forgive all grammatical errors, please.)

I hate dinner time right now!  James & Ruby will each eat a lot of things but they are not the same things so I find myself angry with them every evening even though I know better.  I don't make special foods, they can have what I make or applesauce & bread with sunbutter.  But it still ticks me off to make it and not have them eat it!  And to make it with a crabby baby and STILL not have them eat it?  OH NO THEY DIDN'T!

Okay, I'm done now. 

That felt good.



  1. there is nothing more irritating than fixing a dinner and having no one eat it. hate that big time.
    i've been thinking about your two accessories every day goal. I'm inspired to try this too, but I have a question. Does perfume count as an accessory?


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