homemade cards

 From time to time I get the urge to make some cards.  I used to spend gobs of time cutting cute images & sayings from all the magazines I had around...they just seemed too good to "waste" by recycling.  I've had piles of them (neatly contained, of course) since before James was born and it's fun to actually use them sometimes.
 I kept a couple aside to add some stitching to and forgot to take their picture before they were mailed.  Sewing on cards is also extremely exciting if you are me.

 Some of my earliest work can be seen here, if you're interested.  I used to use postcards but like using these pre-made cards (from JoAnns) much better.
 My mom also enjoys (UNDERSTATEMENT) cutting from magazines and has recently made some amazing collaged trays.  I forgot to take pictures of them this past August but will next time we go up for a visit.
It takes some time getting everything out and finding things that work well together (this stuff was all on our kitchen table for the better part of a week) but it is very rewarding to send a card off to someone that you made with them in mind.



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