it's best if you don't talk

The post title is something Patrick and I like to say to each other when we're playing/kidding around/sick of each other talking.  It might be from a movie?

Anyways, if he was here, or maybe inside my head, that is what he would say to me today so I'm going to take his advice.  I have a whole lot of ugly brewing in my head today, the kind of ugly that is whiny and full of self pity and you only share it with someone who really loves you because you know they won't think less of you for it.  (Hey you!  Give me a call!)  ;) 

About an hour later:  I'm actually beginning to lose a little of the ugly.  It's starting to burn off a little, like fog.  Thank God. 

Right.  On with the Stephanie Show, then.

 Here are a few of my most favorite things & current thoughts:

1.  walking with Nicholas on a chilly day.  I love (practically) nothing more than to stop our walk and see this sweet muffin, all bundled up.

2.  I love my green scarf.  I've worn it twice now.  I have vowed to wear some sort of accessory every time I leave the house from now until the end of October.  It might only be a pair of earrings, but there will be some adornment on my body.  I used to wear necklaces & earrings every day.  I kind of miss it and it definitely makes me feel cuter.  See how cute I am?

Haha.  I was trying to catch the green scarf and the bracelet.  Maybe I should skip the earrings and head to Sephora for a make up lesson?  Note to self:  this position makes your hand look big and elfin.

3.  I wish our little town had a bluegrass band playing in the park every Sunday afternoon.

And now I am tired of this list.  I tried, right?  I need to go clean a closet or something.  Maybe that will help.



  1. looks nice. we need to set a date to have coffee or sew or something


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