my first time

Here is a picture of me last Saturday morning.  I was about to leave my house by myself (during the day, for longer than a half an hour) for the first time in FIVE months.

It was really fun.

It dawned on me last Friday that Nicholas can easily go 3.5-4 hours between nursing sessions.  Couple that with him now eating some solids and we are a go for some solo mama time. 

Patrick was game so I headed out a little before 10am, returning with bursting you-know-whats at 2pm.

I haven't really felt the urge to leave Nicholas (except on a few particularly hard days) but I know myself and I know that a little time alone can go a long way.  I wasn't as crazy excited as I thought I might be...I was actually a bit unsure what to do with myself.  Mostly I felt really thankful.  (and I managed just fine, thank you very much.)

I wanted to document this day as it felt important.  I also thought I looked kind of happy and peaceful in this photo which is exactly how I felt.  How often does that happen?  (not very, if you're me.)


p.s.  I also used my maid of honor gift for the first time!  Thanks Seester...I LOVE IT and felt very stylish all day.  xoxoox


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