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Remember how bored I was last week?  This week has been busy, busy, busy.

James told me on Monday afternoon that some kids have been chasing him on the playground and trying to trip him for the last week or so.  He said once they dragged him by his foot and that he didn't really want to go out at recess and wasn't sure what to do.  Oh, my heart.  I was so sad and felt unsure of what to do, too.  We muddled through and things seemed to go much better yesterday.  I hope to hear a good report again today.  His teacher, who seems a bit on the frosty side, was very nice and seemed to give James some good advice and then helped him talk to one of the boys who is in his class.  He was friends with all these kids last year so who knows what happened.  I hope it passes, though.  Yesterday after their talk the one little boy gave James a silly band.  BFFs again?  Only time will tell.

We also visited the allergist yesterday and were lucky enough to be there for two hours.  (ha)  All of his numbers went down but not enough to skin test him on anything.  (Patrick dumping milk on him a few weeks ago was skin testing enough.)  :)  There wasn't much else new except they were pleased that he is tolerating baked egg & milk so well. They told me that the amount of egg in something shouldn't's how well they are cooked.  (cooking them changes the shape of the proteins so his body doesn't recognize them as the enemy)  I'm still going to go slow, though, and only try things like bread and muffins.  Cookies might not be in there long enough??  (although I know Elijah is fine with cookies, right Zoe?)  He also had his flu shot.  I felt like I had been shot by the time we got to leave.  (the kids were all very good though.  I think the DVD and gummy bears were a good call.  Pickles slept.)

I got my hair cut.  It's much shorter but at least there is less of it to fall out now.  sigh.  I am losing SO MUCH hair.  I hope it stops soon.  She said she only saw one thin patch by my hairline in the front.  I wonder if I should get some Rogaine?

Mr. Pickles is sleeping a little bit better and liking his foods.  I still just feed him once a day, out of laziness, but will add another feeding next week maybe.  His little digestive system still seems to be figuring this all out.  I stocked up on frozen veggies at whole foods so I can puree some stuff at home for him.  He is rolling all over, with purpose, and favors going under things.  Yesterday I found him under:  our dresser, our bed, his crib, a table in the living room, my desk chair, and the futon downstairs.  My camera is dead or I would have had some adorable shots of his little face peeking out at me.  He is sitting up on his own a little bit better every day.  He adores Patrick and is trying out a fake laughing-type sound this week.  I think he is adorable but have noticed that he's not a baby that most people go nuts over.  That's okay.  One woman at JCPenney did go a little nuts last Saturday evening and that was fun.  She was saying he was so cute and such and such and then leaned in and said to me, under her breath, "He's a hefty one, ain't he?" Then she laughed the best laugh, nudged me with her elbow a little and walked away.  I liked her.  She could have put me in her pocket and I would have gone right with of those types of women.  (I hope I am one of those types some day.)

My coffee is done, my baby is sleeping and my stomach is rumbling.  We are out of most everything but luckily have creamer and toast.

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p.s.  I'll be back later to show you something cute yet heart stopping.


  1. It's hard to see our sweet littles work through friend troubles--and to know when/if to step in. Glad that you and J.'s teacher helped him deal with it.

    Please post pice of your new hair do when you get a chance. :)

    Glad Mr. Pickles has been sleeping better AND that you had some totally free time by yourself over the weekend!


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