this is like drunk dialing only I'm not drunk or dialing*

I have a computer again.  This is nice.

I will have my first full morning at home tomorrow while Ruby is at preschool.  This is also nice. 

Ruby really likes preschool.  This is also (also?) nice.

Today as we were walking out her teacher said, "Ruby is funny."  She smiled while she said it but in my head I wondered, funny as in funny ha ha or something is a little off  with this girl funny?  I asked if she was being nice to the other kids.  Her teacher said, "Oh yes.  She is just really funny."

I'm happy that Ruby is happy and all the other students should count their lucky stars as well because you know the saying...If Ruby ain't happy ain't nobody happy.  (It is also good that she can juggle performing her stand up routine along with learning to write a good captial E.)

I am going to bed now.  with a bowl of popcorn.  and maybe a glass of wine (cooler.)


*this rings a bell.  If I just recently read it on someone else's blog, please forgive me.


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