thursday morning love

I still have that Baby Beans doll.  (Her little legs are empty and tied in a knot to keep her upper beans in.)

That's my Dad and I when I was (obviously) small and my Dad was (obviously) sporting some 70s hair.  My Dad is recovering very well from his surgery and my sister is recovering very well from the laborious task of expelling a human from her coochie.  Jacob is a good eater and very tiny and very cute.  I miss him.

Nicholas is grumbling on the floor.  (he grumbles a lot and I love's very cute and not nearly as terrifying as he'd like.)  Ruby is over at Brennan's playing house.  (oh dear)  James is at school for his second day and was looking forward to it and hoping they could have outside recess.  He helped me pack his lunch this morning:  buttered (well, margarined) noodles, cold dinosaur chicken nuggets, a little container of ketchup, a little container of green grapes and one cookie.  Oh, and a thermos of soy milk.  (does that remind you of the Frances book where she very carefully describes her & Albert's lunches at the end of the book?  I always loved that part the best.)  He even took the bus home yesterday and did just fine...and best of all, he didn't ask if I'd pick him up today.  (which is good because I wouldn't have...hahaha)

The effing sun is shining.  (did I really just say that???) so I might get to dry my laundry outside today after all.  Hanging clothes in your basement is not nearly as romantic as outside.

I talked to my aunt Kristy this morning (she is a teacher) and she had some really good ideas for me regarding school/allergy/teacher stuff.  I forgot to tell her that her name came up yesterday in a facebook conversation I had with my sister in law, Cheryl.  (Cheryl has VERY fond memories of Thanksgiving at Aunt Kristy's.)  (As do I.)

Kristy mentioned Samuel to me this morning and I had to stop for a minute and think, "Now, who the heck is Samuel?"  (Nicholas gave me 2 long stretches of sleep last night but I am still pretty slow mentally.)  (Samuel is my new baby cousin.)  So many babies in this family right now.  We are practically Mormon.  (hahhahaa)  :)

Patrick hasn't seen Nicholas since Tuesday night.  He told me last night he hates when he doesn't see him (due to baby being asleep) for a whole day.  Patrick never says he hates anything so I knew it was pretty serious.  If Nicholas is in bed when he gets home tonight I'm just going to tell him to go pick him up and snuggle him a bit. 

Nicholas is now quiet and slowly making his way to the patio doors.  I think he's telling me it's time to hang the laundry.



  1. Has anyone ever told you that James looks JUST like your dad?


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