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I have bought a lot of new stuff lately.  This is unlike me but sometimes needs to be done.  You can only go to so many thrift stores in search of jeans before you finally give in and head to the mall, you know?  So I got new jeans (2 pairs - 1 at Target yesterday for only $15), I got new shoes (2 pairs), I got a new phone (bye bye $10 Aloha), and actually that might be it.  That isn't so much is it?  Oh yeah, I was lucky enough to score $25 of loot from Heather Ross' studio sale.  I love her fabric and she promised to be generous & playful in the selection she sends us.  I can't wait!  I also (just remembered this as well) got a set of Shabby Chic sheets on clearance at Target for $15.  FIFTEEN BUCKS!  They were originally $60...that stuff hardly even goes on sale so I was thrilled.  I think they are the same ones (pink with tiny pink flowers) that are on my Grandma's bed.  sniff.  So a spending spree of sorts!  Fun.  Oh...one more thing...a plane ticket to Massachusetts!  Good times.  I can't wait to meet little Jacob.

Now I'm broke.  (but happy)

I also want to make so many things but find myself not getting much past the wanting part.  This weekend my goal is to get my machine set up downstairs again so it is ready for me.  That makes a big difference in my ability to sit down for a quick 15 minutes and sew a little.  I might make a list up, too.  Maybe that will also be good.  I did make a bunch of simple cards for people last week and that was rewarding.  I took pictures that I'll share after they have been received.

I have also lost about 5 pounds in the last few weeks.  (thus the new jeans)  The only big change I have made is cutting out fast food (for the most part...I did have a hamburger and small fries at BK earlier in the week.)  I was eating more ff than comfortable with this summer.  Yuck.  (more than my jeans were comfortable with too.  haha!)  I am sure that part of it is breastfeeding, too.  Breastfeeding has never (obviously) made me skinny but it's always helped me lose almost all of the baby weight without trying and still eating lots of muffins.  I have been walking a fair amount, too.  Who knows...it just feels good.

Speaking of feeling good, Patrick is huge on the sexual innuendos, always has been.  (He would say, "I'll show you huge.")  He loves them and says them almost every chance he gets.  I like to do it, too, (I'll show you do it.) especially in the morning when I know we don't have time to actually follow through.  haha.  I think that might be called teasing?  I don't know.  We laugh about it and he heads off for work.  (I'll show you a - nevermind that one goes a little too far.) 

Mr. Pickles is under the table that is next to the couch.  He wants me to play with him so I better sign off now.  This weekend includes some volunteering (for the fall festival!), making cupcakes (for the bake sale), a first cub scout meeting (digging for fossils!) and other good stuff.  Today I have to put away lots of laundry and make some (previously mentioned) muffins.


Here is Ruby taking down the laundry yesterday.  She folds it, too.  (Nicholas and I love to watch her.)


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