dinner time conversation

(warning:  more poop talk ahead)  (or should I say behind...hahahhahaha)

Last night at the dinner table:

J:  My tummy hurts.
S:  You probably have to go poo.
J:  How do you know??
S:  Because every time you say your tummy hurts you have to go poo.
J:  (stews)
J:  Have you heard the other name for poop?
S:  (prepares herself for "drop the kids off at the pool")  No, what?
J:  Number Two.  (laughs just like Uncle Thomas)
R:  I know how to draw a number two!!
J&S:  (laugh)
R:  And a number five and a FINGER EIGHT!
J:  What's a finger eight, Ruby?  Oh, you mean...
S:  Leave her James, it's cute.
J:  It's NOT cute.  My tummy hurts.
S:  When you poop, is it hard or soft?
R:  soft!
J:  (looks at me like I'm nuts)  How would I know that?  I normally don't touch it.
S: (hahhahahahaha)

It goes on from here, me explaining how to tell if it's hard or soft and what that means.  I'll spare you.

What did you talk about at dinner last night?



  1. LOL OK my favorite part is the "normally".... does that mean that sometimes he does???:) Thank you made my night.

  2. oh, who knows... we probably talked about poop too. kind of inevitable with all of these boys.

  3. for sure, teresa. :)

    glad I could help, zoe. :)

  4. I love this- my eyes are crying!xoxo Seester

  5. I'm a new blogger and am trying to figure out how Comments works. Doing Research.


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