easy lined wrist warmers from a recycled scarf (or sweater)

I don't usually post tutorials because they take a lot of time and feel like a big responsibility to me.  This weekend, though, I was on a crafty warpath and made a few things which seemed fun, fast & easy so I thought I'd share them here over the course of this week and next.

The first is for a pair of lined wrist warmers.  I've wanted a pair of wrist warmers since last year but could never get past the itch factor.  Warm wool on my hands?  No thank you.  I fixed this with a simple lining cut from an old knit shirt.  (make sure and use a knit, a tshirt is good, so it will stretch with the wool.)

I decided to use this striped scarf I had thrifted and felted*.

It was thin to begin with so the felting process didn't make it too thick.  I found the width of the scarf to be a nearly perfect size.  If you are cutting from an old sweater, cut a piece approximately 8" wide by 10" long.  (you can custom fit the width later and make them shorter if you'd like.  If you want them to go almost up to your elbow, cut them 15" or so.)  Also, if using an old sweater, try and use the bottom hem of the sweater as the top of your wrist warmers to get that nice looking finished edge.

Cut a piece from your knit shirt with the same width, only an inch or so shorter. 

(I cut from the bottom of my shirt to have a finished inner edge at the top of my warmers.  Does that make sense?  )

Sandwich them, wrong sides together, and fold in half.

Start stitching, with a half inch seam allowance, from the top.  I used my hand as a guide for figuring out the thumb hole placement.  (very precise, I know.)

Mark with a pin and sew to that spot.  Take a backstitch or two.  Restart sewing an inch and a half (or so) down from there and sew until the bottom.  Take a backstitch.

Turn inside out and you have a line wrist warmer!  Aren't you amazing?

Oh, wait.  Does it feel a little loose around your fingers?  Mine did.  I turned it back inside out and sewed a new seam, angling it in towards my thumb.  I did this twice before I got it feeling snug enough. 

Now trim the length if you need to.  Since the wool is felted, and knits tend to not unravel, you don't need to anything about the bottom hem.

My knit liner tended to hang out a little so I made a few stitches around the top to keep it in place.

Now, repeat!  And admire.

They sure are cozy!  :)

*To felt:  wash anything wool on hot water & dry it on high heat.  It will shrink and then not unravel when you cut it.  I suggest putting the wool stuff in a tied shut pillowcase before washing or you'll get gobs of wool lint all over your washer and dryer.


Taking a cue from Allison, I'm going to post this tutorial on these other lovely blogs. Check them out for tons of great ideas and inspiration!

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  1. What a great idea! I make (tunisian crochet) arm warmers, but now I'm going to be on the lookout for a fun sweater to felt and make these. Great tutorial!

  2. This is a great idea. I've been knitting wrist warmers for gifts but I'm concerned that they'll be too itchy and was considering lining them.

    And, thanks for the tip about the pillow case. I was going to felt an old sweater this afternoon. You've saved me from making a mess!

    I'm visiting from Making the World Cuter. Have a great day!

  3. Thank you both for visiting and saying hello. :)

  4. are you craftacularing this year? because I totally would buy these from you. I couldn't pull off making them, since I still don't know how to thread my ancient sewing machine (doh!), but I'd love to own some like this. VERY cute!

  5. No craftacular this year. (sniff) I'd be happy to make a pair for you. We can talk wool selection when I get back, okay? :)

  6. How smart are you!? Genius!
    You should come link this up to my Making It With Allie Party!

  7. Love the repurposing spirit! these turned out really cute. I love your ideas so I'm becoming your newest follower :)


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