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((Here is another one of my favorite posts. This one is from October 1, 2007. Still cracks me up. Duh!))

(lovely picture found here)

As I drove to the bookstore tonight I felt the chill in the air and smelled apples all around me. What a perfect fall evening, I thought.

At the bookstore I sat down with my magazines and a pumpkin latte. The woman next to me must be having a caramel apple cider I thought, as the tangy crisp scent floated around me.

I walked out to my car under the moonlight, surrounded by vehicles and the scent of apples. It must be those bins at the grocery store over there, I thought.

Driving down the highway at 70 mph, windows rolled up, there it was again. I wonder if the bed of that truck in front of me is full of apples, I thought.

Arriving home, I put my purse on the table and noticed our kitchen smelled like apples, too. I reached in for my cell phone and found the bruised and leaking Honey Crisp apple on the bottom of my bag.

(If you ever need to get my attention, don't be subtle.)


  1. Well, at least it was only an apple--there certainly are ickier things. :)

    I like your new hair cut--thanks for posting a pic. It's shorter but you can still pull it up/back when you need to. I miss that (with my short, short do, you always have to do it).

  2. I totally remember reading this post and laughing at it too. You've still got us all coming back to read more and laughing along with you! :)

  3. Holly - thanks. :)

    Susan - crazy how fast 3 years goes. Thank you for reading my randomness for all this time. :)


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