our boys

The first time I held Jacob I just couldn't stop laughing.  Everytime I looked down at him it was like I was holding my sister.  He looks exactly like her sometimes and just like Ronan at other times.

He looks a little yellow in this picture but he really has the most beautiful olive skin tone just like his mama and dada.  Mr. Pickles is a pale shade of vanilla.

We can tell they're going to be best friends.



  1. Why has your blog suddenly stopped publishing the entire feed to my google reader? (And instead replaced the last half of the post with an annoying ad?)

    Boo hiss!

  2. Those boys are just too cute!!! I was standing in line at the mall and heard this tiny cry from behind me. Turned around and asked her how old the little man was. Turns out he and Ben share the same b-day (three years apart). Oh how I miss the baby days. Thanks for posting cute baby picks to get me through!!! :)

  3. Susan, I just saw a newborn this morning and about cried. They are so tiny and amazingly cute. Thank God new women are always stepping up so we can have a fix. :)

    Sarah, I played around with the idea of adding ads this weekend but then changed it back. My feed (on google reader) isn't showing any...not sure why yours is. I will add ads if I get in with Blogher sometimes. Sorry if you don't approve. :)


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