how do they learn this?

Ruby let me braid her hair today so she will look fancy when she puts on her Halloween princess dress for her school party.  She also let me take her picture.  She also stuck this little hip out all on her own. 

She also forgot to make the bed.  ;)

Nicholas has his 6 month appointment this morning.  While grateful for the chance to do these appointments with the smallest number of children along, I AM SO SICK OF APPOINTMENTS.  However, each one makes me thank God for our awesome insurance.

Nicholas knows he is getting shots or something because he is ticked off.  Or maybe it's because I wouldn't give him my cel phone?  Who knows but he's about as prickly as a bag of nails this morning.  More about him later...this kid is going to give me a run for my money.

Bring it on, pickles.  This ain't my first rodeo.



  1. Piper has had that hip flip for quite a while, maybe Ruby "caught" it from her??


  2. Cutest picture EVER! Love that little girl, miss you guys! xoxo Cousin Rachel

  3. A super model in the making!
    A GREAT pumpkin too!


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