I was so happy to find this old Halloween banner in my archives.  I also changed my profile picture and am going to use the same one on facebook for the rest of the month.  (cackle, cackle.)

I miss my camera.  Patrick took mine apart last night to try and fix it.  We'll see.  I have a feeling it will stay that way for a while.  (apart, in a bowl, on the counter)  (I think he was mainly curious to see what was inside)  I want to just go buy a new one but it feels like we are bleeding money lately and that feels not so good.  (But I also hate missing the stuff that I normally document daily.)

Pickles is up from a good long nap but he doesn't need me yet...he's just playing a little, it sounds like.  Maybe pooping?  Poop is such a big part of your life when you have a baby.  Babies make everything cute, even poop.  (you know what I mean...the poop itself is not cute.)

I hung my last load of laundry up out of necessity this morning.  I will of course still line dry but will have a glorious new dryer for the underwear and stuff like that.  Yay!  I plan on making lots of high efficiency laundry love tomorrow.  (I got a top loading high efficiency, not a front loader.  The dial lights up!  The lid is glass!  And hydraulic!!)  Be still my homemaking heart.

I am still sad and still unsure of what to do.  I am leaning towards waiting.  :(  Thank you all for your comments and emails yesterday.  It really helps to hear how others have dealt with the same tough situation.



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