it's all good

Right now Nicholas is belly laughing at Ruby yelping into a plastic coffee can.  She occasionally throws it and he loves that too.

Last night Patrick woke me up with a sad pickles in his arms.  Apparently Patrick heard him crying all the way down in the basement while I, a mere 6 feet away, slept right through it.  Let's just say Nicholas was very happy to see me.  It was cute.  (my ego would like to add that this has never happened before.)

My washer and dryer are amazing.  Patrick even asked if there was more laundry he could do last night.  :)  They fit SO much and are pretty and quiet and clean stuff amazingly well.  It makes me feel like we've been wearing dirty clothes for the last however many years.

They seem pretty high tech compared to our old ones.  Patrick is surprised they don't have email and WIFI.  heehee.  It won't be long...

It is almost the weekend and although it looks like a rainy one, I'm ready for it. 

Nicholas is feeling better every day, just a runny nose now, and is starting to fall asleep on his own again and good stuff like that.  I'm sure as soon as tooth number two is imminent that we will have some more hard nights but a little reprieve is very welcome.  It reminds me that the days I feel so tired and the nights that are so hard?  They pass.

James' conference went wonderfully.  His teacher told me the exact same thing that his teacher told me last year so that felt a little deja vu.  They both said that James does his work very easily, could be doing additional harder stuff, but that he A) doesn't seem bored and B) is kind of a perfectionist so he uses the same amount of time as the other kids by checking his own work and correcting it.  (not that he never misses a math problem, he does)  I still feel (and Patrick agrees) that I don't want to rush him or push him at this point.  He is learning some great skills and taking pride in what he does...that is enough for us.  Patrick introduces all sorts of additional concepts to him on the side so I feel he is getting challenged at home.  (he told his class about negative numbers earlier this week.)  heehee. 

I talked to my Dad yesterday afternoon and it made me miss him.  (hi Dad!)  I am ready for a trip home so who knows what will happen in the next few weeks.  I know this weekend and next are out of the question but we will see after that.  I cannot believe Thanksgiving is in a month and Christmas a month after that.  Why does fall seem so short?

It is a beautiful morning and I just hung all of our winter jackets on the lines.  I need to go take a shower now so we can be ready to go in an hour.  Ruby's friend is coming over and we are going to a park for the afternoon. 

Have a good weekend, folks.



  1. Please, please give details about your new washer and dryer. I need a new set too.


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