jiggety jig

We are home again, home again but not exactly jiggety jig.  It was pretty hard to leave my seester and her sweet little family. 

Why isn't it a rule that all family members have to live within a 100 mile radius of each other?  If my kids could live near their cousins and I could live near my siblings & parents life would that much sweeter.  So, Thomas, Annie & Cheryl, Mom and Dad...how can we fix this?? 


As sad as it was to leave, it's always good to be home.

It will be near 80 today but I am hanging up my fall curtains, dang it.



  1. moving back to EC would be a move in the right direction :) I could house hunt for you.
    Glad your trip was good.

  2. Glad you had a fun time!! Let's Dig soon??

  3. Welcome home!!! There isn't a rule about living within 100 miles because there is a law about killing your family if they get on your nerves. hahaha totally joking ... well maybe not totally ;)

  4. heehee, Susan. :)

    Was that you, Melissa? I appreciate the offer. :)

    Yes, Heidi, let's dig soon. :)


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