I just found out that my feeds weren't fully showing up in blog readers.  Oops.  I was playing around with stuff this weekend, thinking about adding ads, and must have messed some stuff up.  My google reader feed (yes, I subscribe to myself) isn't showing ads and is showing a full feed.  Please let me know if you're not seeing stuff.

I might put ads on my blog someday if I got accepted into the Blogher network.  I know everyone doesn't like that but hey, it's my blog.  :)  I'm not saying you should click on them.  A little extra cash might help me pay for that new washer and dryer.  (I think you get like .01 per click??  hmmmmm...might take a while.)

Also, if you haven't yet, switch your feeds over from bloglines soon.  I still prefer them and am sad that they are shutting down.  I hope you'll take me to your new reader!  :)



  1. I don't understand one word of this post. No need to further explain, but it's like I'm reading about a foreign land.

  2. this one worked and no stupid ad. (Its me again, too lazy to jump through all the hoops.)


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