ruby's tuesday

We also carved pumpkins last weekend and I thought Ruby's turned out particularly cute.

Her vision:

Her pumpkin:


Ruby loves to pretend she's a puppy on our walks.  Sometimes she is a girl puppy, sometimes a boy.  She always loves to do tricks (shake a paw, heel, roll over, speak) and will crawl for long periods of time on her hands and knees.  She also does one other puppy thing that totally surprised my mom and I the first time we saw it.  She was crawling along behind us and suddenly stopped, lifted her leg and peed, right there on the sidewalk.  (Luckily she didn't poo as I didn't have any plastic baggies with us.)  What a good puppy!


The other night:

R:  Mom, when me and Brennan are older, like 5, can we go on a date without you guys?  Brennan said he wants to.  Can I?  Can I, Mom?
S:  What is a date, Ruby?
R:  Um...I'm not really sure but Brennan said it's REAL, not pretend like star wars.
S:  We'll see.
R:  Okay!  Thanks, Mom!



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