I am sitting at the computer researching washers and dryers.  I think we're just going to get a new set, which I feel both good and bad about.  Will a set we buy today last us 15 years like our last set did?  I am thinking of going with an LG set that's on sale this week at Best Buy.  LG brand washers and dryers have the lowest percentage of reported repairs over other brands.

(You know what?  Sometimes I hate consumer reports.  Sometimes I just want to go pick out the prettiest one of something and not worry about how it's rated.)

My baby is sleeping.  My big kids are gone with their Dad and we are all going to meet up when mr. pickles wakes up.  It was so good to have Patrick home last night.  Yesterday was an extremely long day with an extremely cranky & sick baby.  I felt so bad for him and even a bit bad for myself.  (poor me, I know.)  He seems better today and I am, too.  Patrick took over at about 3am (when pickles was up for his 4th time) and let me sleep until 10am.  mmmmmm, sleep.


I am back now, at nearly 10pm, and happy to report we got a new washer and dryer!  It will be here on Thursday and I no longer feel bad about it...just EXCITED! 

We had a good day.  Patrick and the kids went bowling, we all went to Best Buy and then to McKee Farms for some playground time and a walk.  James & Ruby found some streamers that had blown away from a party and played with those strips of paper for ages.  It was a beautiful day/evening and I was so glad to be outside with my family. 


I am going to be trying harder to balance my free time this week.  I get so little of it and don't always want to spend it on the computer.  I did really good last winter and spring using Ruby's preschool hours for project time not screen time.  I think I OD'd a little this week after being off-line while at my sister's but it just felt like too much.  Do you ever do that?  ugh.  It's like that you feeling you get after eating too much Peppridge Farms Coconut cake.  Do you know that feeling?

You don't?

um, okay.  nevermind.




  1. I have a front load LG washer and dryer and LOVE them.
    Makes laundry sort of tolerable! Have fun.

  2. We have LG's and I like them. Every once and awhile I have to unplug them the washer to let it "rest" for a couple of mins, but that is my only problem with them.

    I wanted to call you today, but never found the time. I have been thinking of you and wishing we had more time together. Oh well at least we have the blog:)


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