this post is BORING.

My nephew is ADORABLE.  He is tiny and smooshy and smells soooooo good.

My camera is BROKEN.  It is doing the same thing my last Sony did.  It is soooooo bad.

My mom is LEAVING.  Well, she's leaving tomorrow and we will be sad to see her go.

Patrick is RETURNING.  I missed him so much and he had to go to DC yesterday.  Luckily he will be home tomorrow.

Nicholas is SITTING.  He started sitting up for long periods all on his own.  It is very cute and I'd show you if it wasn't for my darn camera.

My laundry is DRYING.  It's been almost 2 months without a dryer and I'm thinking I need one soon.  The first time someone throws up all over their blankets will be the day I go buy one. (I am actually going to check Craigslist because our washer is fine and I don't want to buy a new dryer and then have my washer break and not have a matching pair.)  (in case you were wondering)

My stomach is GROWLING.  I am hungry but still haven't showered so I'm not sure what to do first.  Probably eat, right?

I wanted to complete this list with tidbits about James and Ruby but I can't think of anything clever.  (or even not so clever)  I think it might have to do with the stomach issue.



  1. Is Nick standing alongside Jacob?
    They're both adorable! (So are you Annie)

  2. and of course so are you Steph!

  3. I am TOTALLY getting a nose job!!


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