Finally, a cute hat for pickles.  (no, I didn't make it.)

I am immobilized by my to do list.  My to do list which isn't even out of my head yet.  It would be one thing if I could just do the stuff to get ready to go but NOOOOOO.  My house needs to be cleaned.  AGAIN.  Why don't houses stay clean???  Oh yeah, the five people who live in them?  I won't even get into the laundry, groceries, etc., because I know that most of you?  know the drill.

Cute stuff:

One night last week I pulled up with the kids after Patrick had gotten home from work.  He came right outside to meet us.  Isn't that sweet?  He said the house was too quiet when he got home, he didn't like that.  Last night we went for a walk and were gone longer than I thought.  (a good thing.)  As we were walking the final stretch I saw a guy riding his bike towards us on the sidewalk.  I thought, "I hope that loser moves over, I'm pushing a baby here!"  The next second James says, "Is that Dad?"  Hahahahahhaa.  He was coming out to find us.  I love him. 

I just called him to tell him I love him.  He didn't answer.  Oh well, maybe later.

Yesterday afternoon he called me to tell me this conversation he had with James in the bathroom yesterday morning:

J:  Do you have any girlfriends, Dad?
P:  (pause)
J:  (finishes peeing)  (flushes)  Yeah, me neither.


My baby is doing well.  Growing a tooth and learning to crawl.  Last week he first started going up on his hands and knees and then pushing off with his knees and grinding his face into the carpet.  (not cool.)  Next he tried going up on hands and knees and just rocking.  Then he started pulling himself across the floor with his arms and a butt wiggle (combat crawling?) and now he is going up on his hands and knees and tentatively moving one hand forward and falling, but not nearly as violently as last week.  It is so fun to watch this progression.  He is so flipping cute and lovable and munchable. 

Last night my sister told me she made a horrible and tasteless white bean soup.  That reminded me of the time I did that and wrote about it here.  heehee.  (that post is from November of 2006.  crazy.  #7 on the list is where I talk about the horrible meal I made.)

James is doing well.  The stuff at school seems to be all worked out so that is good.  He had a birthday party to go to on Sunday so the rest of us went for a walk in the Middleton Conservatory.  I mentioned on the walk how James would be happy to be missing this (though we had a wonderful time).  After the party he asked what we did so I told him.  He said, "Ugh.  Glad I wasn't there!"  He claims to hate walks but always enjoys himself after a while.  He is such a big kid now.  Nearly SEVEN.  yikes.  The first thing he wants to do after school is see his baby brother.

I am out of time but Ruby is good, too.  She lies a lot and laughs even more.  She still likes to touch my hair and cuddle up with me in the morning.  She is starting to wear some mildly girly clothes and is having a very hard time giving up her shorts and tank tops.




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