thank God it's Monday

This was the poopy weekend to beat all poopy weekends, my friends.  It's not often (if ever) that I say that so you have to believe me.

It's Monday, though, and things are looking up.  My husband kissed me goodbye.  (this was not assumed after our weekend, if you get my drift)  My baby is darling.  My daughter and older son are coloring at the table in relative peace.  I am taking James & pickles to James' dentist appointment in a little while and there might be a starbuck's coffee for me on the way home.

It won't be long for my little gramma.  My mom and aunties are staying with her around the clock and my mom said she looks very cozy, like she's in a sweet nest of soft blankets.

I feel exhausted, like I've been through a battle, which I kinda have, but also relieved that it's over.

Here's to a new week, a fresh start for all of us.



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